Our Technology & Legislative Projects

We present here a list of the projects that we believe serve the common good while also improving relationships between residents and their state and local governments.

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Public Service Accountability Initiative

The Public Service Accountability Initiative (PSAI) would hold elected officials (e.g., governor, mayors, city councilmembers, and county supervisors) criminally liable for their mismanagement by amending California’s penal code to include criminal mismanagement (CM). Three categories would define the initiative: first-degree CM, second-degree CM, and third-degree CM. The first-degree charge would carry the stiffest penalty (incl. fine and pension forfeiture) and prison sentence.

Record Yourself

Currently in California, a party to a conversation must obtain consent from all parties before recording it. The Record Yourself (RY) initiative will change that. If successful, Californians will be able to record their conversations without consent from other participants. One-party consent laws are an invaluable tool for women, the elderly, minorities, and other members of society who have been either marginalized or abused throughout history.

Parents Can Stay

Parents Can Stay (PCS) is an effort to repeal or amend California laws that allow healthcare providers to meet privately with children as young as 12 years of age to perform medical procedures and prescribe medications without the knowledge or consent of parents.