GovUNLEASHED was created in response to California's historic municipal bankruptcy filings (Stockton, Vallejo, and San Bernardino) and the countless unfavorable audit reports from the California State Auditor concerning the operating practices of state and local agencies. Help us end this status quo, hold elected officials (incl. their department leaders) accountable, and improve public confidence in government institutions and the public services they provide by becoming a member.

About Show Segments

Service offerings and content found on podcasts are derived from his more than 17-year career in California state government.

The Shallow News segment examines news stories from mainstream media organizations on local and state government matters that are either poorly researched, extremely biased, or lacking in substance to the extent that their audience is misinformed. We remedy these situations by providing the necessary details, so audiences have a more accurate and complete understanding of a story.

While the focus of GovUNLEASHED is local and state government affairs, these guard rails do not apply here. The Not Quite Government segment examines all topics previously off-limits, including events happening at the federal government level and how that might affect us at the state level.

The Second Chances segment highlights the life stories of defendants waiting to have their criminal cases adjudicated and parolees as they attempt to re-enter society after serving lengthy prison sentences. The general public is largely unaware of the challenges parolees face, and it is not surprising why such a large number of parolees become homeless, become addicted to illicit drugs, commit a crime that results in them going back to prison, or commit suicide.

The Making the Grade segment awards grades to elected officials and department leaders based on how well they manage their departments and how well their policies and procedures fulfill the agency’s mission. Grades are assigned by the host.