Community Badges

Contributions from our member and guest communities are crucial to GovUNLEASHED's success. In addition to helping make this platform an indispensable resource for those seeking information on their state and local governments, you can also earn badges from GovUNLEASHED that unlock discounts, free services, and VIP access to special events.

Activity Badges

ReviewerProvide feedback on our SMRC review process.One-month complimentary Follower membership
TravelerComplete three SMRC reviews on state or local governments that you've interacted with in a rolling 30 day periodOne-month complimentary Groupie membership
IlluminatorComplete state, county, and city SMRC reviews (minimum of six) for your current and previous residencesOne-month complimentary Insider membership
SurveyorComplete our citizen survey.One-month complimentary Groupie membership
HelperIdentify a previously unknown issue/bug on our websiteOne-month complimentary Follower membership